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The Blade of Comics

All worship Mag Garden... Please.

A Comic Blade Community
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Welcome aboard! This community's completely dedicated to Mag Garden, a company that publishes the monthly comic magazine (or phonebook, if you want to go with that term) Comic Blade, which has the most superb collection of manga series! (in my opinion, anyways =P)

First Matantei Loki Ragnarok got animated, I created a comunity for it. Then suddenly they animated Peace Maker Kurogane, which is more than I had bargained from my beloved Comic Blade, so I decided to just simply make a community for the actual magazine in case they decided to animate a lot more of their series. XD; (<- This was typed in late 2003; look how things have became now)

I love (almost) all of the series in Comic Blade. If they decided to animate all of them, I'll die of making too many communities as celebrations.... So, anyways! Those who love anything related to Mag Garden or Comic Blade are welcomed to join and spread out news or ramble about BC manga or anime series you're currently following. ^_^

This community is moderated by maiki and is made possible by yachinami. Thank you very much!

Blade Comics that get anime adaptations (in order of production):
- Matantei Loki Ragnarok (26 episodes, 2003) (TV Tokyo and Studio Deen deleted their MaLoki anime site. ;_;)
- Peace Maker Kurogane (24 episodes, 2003 ~ 2004)
- Tactics (25 episodes planned, 2004 ~ 2005)
- Jinki: Extend (12 TV episodes + 1 OAV, 2005)
- Erementar Gerad (Currently running! - 2005)
- ARIA (starting in late 2005?)

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If you found or made a CB-related community, feel free to announce it in this community! I'll surely link it in here.